Since 2008 the Lasting Days have wowed audiences with high-energy performances at many local and international festivals including The Big Chill Festival, Beautiful Days and Larmer Tree Festival. The Lasting Days are one to watch in 2015 and beyond as they release their third album - We Simplify - and broaden their loyal fan-base with their appealing and unique blend of americana-influenced indie rock.

We Simplify, the new album’s title track, showcases the band’s variety, combining the distinctive homegrown charm of previous release October, looking South with a fuller, more richly textured sound. Elsewhere on the record listeners can expect emotive harmony through the narrative Speak easy to the intimate violin exposition Come round (I’ll put some records on).

The Lasting Days gained worldwide exposure after their music featured on acclaimed travel show ‘Departures’. Previous releases include their eponymous debut EP, October looking South and numerous label samplers.

The band is fronted by songwriter Richard Smith who delivers unforgettable melodies and riffs on guitar and violin. Sarah Proudfoot plays rhythm guitar and sings harmonies and Pete Beddoes, Richard Riley and Dorian Childs-Prophet complete the rhythm section.

We Simplify is released through progressive label 'A Future Without’.

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